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Rotanev is a planetary system orbiting a white/yellow F-class star.  The system lies in the Delphinus Constellation of the Inner/Sol Region.  The system is a close binary pair of F-class stars.

Rotanev’s primary planet orbits the smaller star in the close binary system. The planet is relatively dry with an semi-arid to arid climate over much of the surface. The planet’s thick atmosphere insulates the surface from the radiation from the two suns.


Initially a few colonies grew into numerous large cities spread across the planet, while the planet’s settlers adapted to the unique environment. Crops and plants that were genetically modified to survive on the planet, were imported from other worlds to create more vegetation on the surface.

System: Rotanev

Primary Star: Beta Delphini B

Stellar Type: B F7V ☼

Companion Star: A F5III ☼

Mass (Sol): B - 1.47

Luminosity: B - 8.00x Sun

Distance: 97.39 ly

Constellation: Delphinus

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 300 Million


Rotanev Planets

Rotanev B
Rotanev B is an extremely hot, terrestrial world.  The surface, composed of iron with deposits of gold, is baked under a thick, cloudy, carbon and sulfur dioxide atmosphere.

Distance: 0.56 AU

Orbit: 126 days

Temp: 732 K

Mass: 0.57 Earth

Radius: 5,475 km

Gravity: 0.78 g

Rotation: 42 hours

Moon(s): 1


Rotanev C
Rotanev C is the system's primary, habitable, terrestrial world.  The surface is relatively dry containing less than 10% surface water.  Semi-arid to arid climates cover the majority of the planet's surface.

Distance: 2.24 AU

Orbit: 2.8 years

Temp: 307 K

Mass: 0.85 Earth

Radius: 6,167 km

Gravity: 0.91 g

Rotation: 35 hours

Moon(s): 3


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