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Rondo is a planetary system orbiting a white/yellow F-class star.  The system lies in the Crux Constellation of the Acrux/Agena Region.

The primary planet of the Rondo System is a large water covered world. Various floating cities are spread across the vast ocean. Rondo was one of the first worlds to pioneer the technology of cities that float on water. Floating platforms are used as a base, buildings are then constructed on top of them.


The technology developed on Rondo has spread across the inner sphere.  This allows settlers to colonize water covered worlds, without having to build and maitain expensive orbital space habitats.

System: Rondo

Primary Star: TYC897752091

Stellar Type: F7V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.24

Luminosity: 3.79x Sun

Distance: 346.3 ly

Constellation: Crux

Region: Acrux/Agena

Population: 30 Million


Rondo Planets

Rondo B
Rondo B is warm terrestrial world, baked under the sunlight of the f-class parent star.  The planet has a thin atmosphere, its surface is composed of calcium and iron.

Distance: 0.81 AU

Orbit: 241 days

Temp: 388 K

Mass: 2.8 Earth

Radius: 9266 km

Gravity: 1.32 g

Rotation: 44 hours

Moon(s): 2


Rondo C
Rondo C is a large, water covered world.  The entire surface is covered in a deep ocean, floating habitats have been constructed on the water.  The planet has thick ice caps over the north and south poles.

Distance: 2.03 AU

Orbit: 950 days

Temp: 280 K

Mass: 3.94 Earth

Radius: 12241 km

Gravity: 1.07 g

Rotation: 35 hours

Moon(s): 5


Rondo D
Rondo D is a Jovian sized gas giant with a common hydrogen-helium atmosphere.  The upper atmosphere contains traces of neon giving the planet a unique pink hue.

Distance: 6.77 AU

Orbit: 15.8 years

Temp: 136 K

Mass: 0.77 Jupiter

Radius: 67445 km

Gravity: 2.17 g

Rotation: 17 hours

Moon(s): 27


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