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System: Quanta

Primary Star: Quanta

Stellar Type: F8V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 368 ly

Population: 400 Million



Quanta is a 5 planet system located in an insolated part of the inner sphere.  Despite the system's isolation and significant population has grown on the primary world.




Quanta B

B is the closest planet to the parent star.  The planet is hot Venus-like world trapped under a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The surface is extremely dry, consisting of dusty plains with few highland areas.







Quanta C

A common theory is that Planet B once had an atmosphere and possibly oceans early in the system's history.  A major impact event likely stripped the planet of its atmosphere.  The surface of the planet is bombarded with solar radiation.






Quanta D

Planet D is the primary planet of the Quanta System.  Dryer than earth, around 40% of the planet's surface is covered in water.  The planet is broken up into the two regions, a large continent in the northern hemisphere and an ocean that covers most of the southern hemisphere.  High winds are common across most of the surface, major windstorms can start out of nowhere and last for days.







Quanta E

Planet E is an icy world with a cloudy atmosphere.  Thick layers of water ice and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) stretch across the entire surface.  Temperatures in the polar regions can sometimes reach low enough for methane rain to occur.







Quanta F

Planet F is a common hydrogen-helium gas giant, with traces of methane and ammonia in the atmosphere.






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