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Pleiadia is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Taurus Constellation of the Pleiades Region.

Pleiadia is the regional center of the Pleiades Region.  The Pleiadia system is located in the heart of the Pleiades Cluster, surrounded by bright, blue, b-class stars, which light up the night skies of the system's planets.


Pleiadia's primary planet has a society with a long and complex history, dating back thousands of years, long before interstellar travel..  The planet has a population in the billions, the largest and most powerful in the Pleiades region.  Pleiadia is the region's technological and economic center of the region.

System: Pleiadia

Primary Star: TYC18045391

Stellar Type: G1V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.08

Luminosity: 1.76x Sun

Distance: 358.03 ly

Constellation: Taurus

Region: Pleiades

Population: 5 Billion


Pleiadia Planets

Pleiadia B
Pleiadia B is a warm, terrestrial world.  The planet's crust is mainly composed of silica with large deposits of valuable metals.  The vast deposits of metals have been mined for industrial purposes.

Distance: 0.42 AU

Orbit: 94 days

Temp: 459 K

Mass: 0.49 Earth

Radius: 4,990 km

Gravity: 0.80 g

Rotation: 59 hours

Moon(s): 0


Pleiadia C
Pleiadia C
is a rocky, terrestrial world composed of silicate rock with various deposits of iron and magnesium.  The planet has a carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere.

Distance: 0.69 AU

Orbit: 202 days

Temp: 347 K

Mass: 0.19 Earth

Radius: 3,907 km

Gravity: 0.51 g

Rotation: 22 hours

Moon(s): 1


Pleiadia D
Pleiadia D is a habitable, terrestrial world covered in 70% water.  The planet's land areas are separated into 4 major continents, named Faustulus, Acca, Amulius, and Laurentia.  The planet is  is located in the heart of the Pleiades Cluster, surrounded by bright, blue, b-class stars

Distance: 1.37 AU

Orbit: 564 days

Temp: 286 K

Mass: 1.16 Earth

Radius: 6,845 km

Gravity: 1.01 g

Rotation: 26 hours

Moon(s): 3


Pleiadia E
Pleiadia E is a hydrogen /helium gas giant with traces of methane and ammonia in the atmosphere.  The planet has intense storms common throughout the various cloud layers.

Distance: 8.75 AU

Orbit: 24.9 years

Temp: 87 K

Mass: 0.74 Jupiter

Radius: 55,180 km

Gravity: 3.13 g

Rotation: 19 hours

Moon(s): 6


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