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Pazuzu System 


System: Pazuzu

Primary Star: HD 259425

Stellar Type: F9V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 336 ly

Constellation: Gemini

Region: Betelgeuse

Population: 270 Million



Pazuzu is a system of 4 planets orbiting a yellow-white f class star.  Located 336 ly from Earth, the system is located in the Betelgeuse Region, 130 ly from the star Betelgeuse.  The 4 planet system of Pazuzu orbit a yellow/white f-type star.  The system was first settled by colonists from Geminora, a population of nearly 300 million has since grown on the system's primary planet.





Pazuzu I

A small, rocky, iron rich world scorched by the intense heat of the nearby sun.







Pazuzu II

A somewhat cloudy green world orbiting in the habitable zone.  A somewhat large population of nearly 300 million has grown on this world despite the system’s remote location in the galaxy.






Pazuzu III

A small cold world on the outside edge of the habitable zone, Pazuzu III has a very thin atmosphere and little to offer.






Pazuzu IV

A standard hydrogen and helium gas giant.







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