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Payasa System 


System: Payasa

Primary Star: Payasa B

Stellar Type: G4V ☼

Companion Star(s): Payasa A

Distance from Earth: 196 ly

Constellation: Virgo

Region: Spica

Population: 1.2 Billion



The Payasa planets orbit the smaller, yellow, g-class star of a binary system.  The larger companion is an f-class star 200 AU away.  The second star shines bright white in the skies of the planets.




Payasa B1

Planet B1 is a dry, inner, rocky world.  Deep under the planets surface sits a scientific research center.  The center is one of the largest in the galaxy, and studies the cores of hot Mercury type worlds.







Payasa Paradise (B2)

The system's primary planet is the second planet from the sun.  B2 is a garden world with dense green forests.  The planet is often called Payasa Paradise because of its incredible beaches, mild weather, and endless forests.  Payasa is known for its beautiful year-round weather.







Payasa B3

B3 is a cratered cold world with little special about it.  The planet sits on the outside edge of the habitable zone.  The planet is too small to terraform and lacks any valuable minerals, leaving it mostly useless.







Payasa B4

Planet B4 to many seems light years away from the warm beaches of Payasa Paradise.  The surface of B4 is a cold, frozen, endless landscape of ice.  Deep beneath the ice lie large amounts of precious minerals, unlike the nearby planet B3.  Mining colonies are scattered across the planets surface.






Closest Inhabited Systems (50 ly):



Distance (ly)












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