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Paladinus is a multiple planet system orbiting a yellow g-class star similar to Sol, in the Betelgeuse Region.

Paladinus's primary world is a habitable "earth-like" world.  The planet contains one the last surviving technologically advanced societies that is still controlled by a monarchy.  The planet's people, ever since the world was first settled, have fiercely opposed any sort of parliamentary or presidential government.  Instead the planet is controlled by a small group of  royalty who can trace their bloodlines back the original settlers. 


During the height of the Orion Alliance in the Betelgeuse Region, Paladinus's monarch government violently fought against any colonists loyal to the alliance.  This fight against the Orion Alliance allowed the monarchy to control power for so long.  The people of the planet were more worried about stopping the Orion Alliance rather than overthrowing their own government, something that happened on many other worlds as they advanced.

System: Paladinus

Primary Star: Paladinus

Stellar Type: G3V ☼

Distance: 317 ly

Constellation: Orion

Mass (Sol): 1

Region: Gemini

Population: 600 Million


Paladinus Planets
Paladinus B

Paladinus B
Paladinus B is a terrestrial super-earth with over 3.5 times Earth's mass.  The planet's rocky surface is hidden under a thick cloudy atmosphere composed primarily of carbon dioxide, with traces of argon, nitrogen, and helium.

Distance: 0.21 AU

Orbit: 35 days

Temp: 564 K

Mass: 3.62 Earth

Radius: 10,245 km

Gravity: 1.40 g

Rotation: 90 hours


Paladinus C

Paladinus C
Paladinus C is rocky terrestrial with a cloudless atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide and argon.  Despite similarities to Paladinus B, planet C has a much thinner atmosphere because of its smaller mass.  Solar winds help thin the atmosphere.

Distance: 0.90 AU

Orbit: 323 days

Temp: 340 K

Mass: 0.49 Earth

Radius: 5192 km

Gravity: 0.74 g

Rotation: 47 hours


Paladinus D

Paladinus D
Paladinus D is the primary world of the system.  A world habitable to humans covered in almost 70% water.  The landmasses are primarily located in two main continents that run somewhat horizontally across the surface, they are separated by a thin ocean.  Due to the location of the continents, the majority of the landmass is located in lower latitudes, causing large regions of warm tropical weather.

Distance: 1.25 AU

Orbit: 508 days

Temp: 291 K

Mass: 0.82 Earth

Radius: 6075 km

Gravity: 0.90 g

Rotation: 31 hours



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