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Paentora is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Centaurus Constellation of the Acrux/Agena Region.

The Paentora's System's human history dates back over a thousand years on the primary planet.  Likely one of the few world's originally seeded the Aurorians, Paentora has always been the center of the Acrux/Agena Region.  Inhabitants from Paentora settled nearly the entire region.


Paentora is one of the farthest regional centers from Earth, while the Acrux/Agena Region is one of the primary regions connecting the Inner Sphere to the Middle Regions.  Beyond it's importance as a regional center, Paentora is an important bridge to the Middle Regions.  The world has always been progressive, thinking forward as they've sat on the edge of what many in the Inner Sphere call the frontier (Middle Regions).


The culture of Paentora has often been considered bizarre by the rest of the Inner Sphere.  Influenced by the Middle Regions, Paentora has blended it with the Inner Sphere and it's own culture.  Not truly belonging to the Inner Sphere or the Middle Regions in the eyes of many, Paentora grown into a powerful world despite the odds.

System: Paentora

Primary Star: TYC898941

Stellar Type: G1V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.11

Luminosity: 1.80x Sun

Distance: 339.76 ly

Constellation: Centaurus

Region: Acrux/Agena

Population: 9 Billion


Paentora Planets

Paentora B
Paentora B is a warm, terrestrial world.  The planet's surface composed of magnesium and iron, but is too hot in any long-term human habitably.  The planet has a thin atmosphere.

Distance: 0.59 AU

Orbit: 159 days

Temp: 381 K

Mass: 0.37 Earth

Radius: 4986 km

Gravity: 0.61 g

Rotation: 71 hours

Moon(s): 0


Paentora C
Paentora C is a habitable terrestrial world covered in about 65% water.  The planet's land areas are situated into 3 main continents, which isolate the planet's oceans into their own separate sections.

Distance: 1.31 AU

Orbit: 517 days

Temp: 285 K

Mass: 1.13 Earth

Radius: 6764 km

Gravity: 1.01 g

Rotation: 28 hours

Moon(s): 2


Paentora D
Paentora D is a frozen terrestrial world.  The planet has an atmosphere of krypton and nitrogen.  It's surface is composed or water and carbon dioxide ice, while layers or silicate rock exist deep under the ice.

Distance: 2.07 AU

Orbit: 2.8 years

Temp: 190 K

Mass: 3.56 Earth

Radius: 11019 km

Gravity: 1.19 g

Rotation: 20 hours

Moon(s): 6


Paentora E
Paentora E is a common hydrogen/helium gas with over 2 times Jupiter's mass.  The planet's system of moons have been used as mining colonies that shipped minerals back to primary planet.

Distance: 7.75 AU

Orbit: 20.5 years

Temp: 99 K

Mass: 2.12 Jupiter

Radius: 75668 km

Gravity: 4.78 g

Rotation: 11 hours

Moon(s): 25


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