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Oros is a planetary system orbiting an orange/yellow k-class star.  The system lies in the Canis Major Constellation of the Canopus Region.

The Oros System has long been an important connecting system between the Canopus and Betelgeuse Regions.  The primary planet's economy was based considerably around trade with outside worlds between the regions


The resource rich world exported goods such as agriculture, hardwoods, and rare metals.  As the trading increased, a gap between the rich and the poor began to grow.  The rural population in agriculture and lumber based communities grew, along with wealth in those areas.  A lack of employment opportunities in the cities though, caused urban centers became poorer.  Crime increased along with animosity towards the richer rural population.


Tensions continued to rise reaching a boiling point.  Gangs of the urban poor formed, they started with protests and riots, but quickly turned violent.  Hit squads were sent out to the rural areas to committe genocide against the rural population.  Militias were formed to protect the rural areas and their people, this lead to ongoing clashes between the two groups.


Frustrated by the lack of response to stop the violence and bring peace to the planet, the military staged a violent coup overthrowing the planet's civilian government.  The military believed outside worlds were primarily behind the growing violence, after taking control they worked towards isolating the planet.  They shut down the jump stations, recharge stations, the planet's only space elevator, and they created a blockade in orbit around the planet.


After the coup, with the planet isolated the economy crashed, famine became widespread as the violent conflict between the various groups dragged on as a stalemate.  Looking to break the stalemate, the military used large amounts of biological weapons, this caused massive civilian deaths.  With civilian casualties escalating and the planet spiraling into chaos, the warring factions were finally forced to agree to peace treaty.  Part of the peace treaty involved returning power to a civilian government, and ending the planet's interstellar isolation.  The planet has been rebuilding since.

System: Oros

Primary Star: TYC650512031

Stellar Type: K1V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.91

Luminosity: 0.38x Sun

Distance: 358 ly

Constellation: Canis Major

Region: Canopus

Population: 700 Million


Oros Planets

Oros B
Oros B is a terrestrial world with a habitable nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere.  The planet is covered in covered in 50% water, separated primarily in a large northern ocean and multiple smaller seas.  Cooler and damper than Earth  dense forests cover large sections of the land areas.  Exotic hardwoods and agriculture were exported to other worlds prior to the planet's isolation following the coup.  The Astoria Mountains are a long mountain range that stretch nearly halfway across the surface in the southern hemisphere.  Prior the isolation, the mountains were heavily mined.

Distance: 0.78 AU

Orbit: 265 days

Temp: 279 K

Mass: 0.62 Earth

Radius: 5466 km

Gravity: 0.84 g

Rotation: 35 hours

Moon(s): 2


Oros C
Oros C orbits at a distance of 3.4 AU, the planet is a small gas giant with a common hydrogen helium atmosphere.  Traces of methane exist in the planet's upper atmosphere.

Distance: 3.37 AU

Orbit: 6.5 years

Temp: 109 K

Mass: 0.12 Earth

Radius: 37,489 km

Gravity: 1.06 g

Rotation: 17 hours

Moon(s): 23


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