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Orono is a planetary system orbiting a orange K-class star.  The system lies in the Cetus Constellation of the Cetus Region.

The primary planet of the Orono System is a world whose surface is covered in a mixture of various ices and water.  Deep deposits of valuable minerals are located deep below the planet wide oceans


Multiple efforts have been attempted to extract the minerals, but have ultimately been unsuccessful due to the endeavors not being profitable.  The planet is home to a small population who mostly reside in orbital stations, the planet's surface is rarely visited by anything beyond exploratory teams.

System: Orono

Primary Star: TYC58523581

Stellar Type: K2V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.80

Luminosity: 0.31x Sun

Distance: 230.3 ly

Constellation: Cetus

Region: Cetus

Population: 40 Million


Orono Planets

Orono B
Orono B is the system's partially habitable, primary planet.  The planet's surface is covered in a mixture of water and various ices.  A thick atmosphere composed of mostly nitrogen with a limited amount of free oxygen envelopes the surfaces.  Deep deposits of valuable minerals exist below the water/ice layers.

Distance: 0.56 AU

Orbit: 171 days

Temp: 262 K

Mass: 2.20 Earth

Radius: 9098 km

Gravity: 1.08 g

Rotation: 38 hours

Moon(s): 3


Orono C
Orono C is a cold terrestrial with an extremely thin carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The planet's surface is composed siliceous rocks, with a mixture of sulfur and carbon compounds.

Distance: 1.49 AU

Orbit: 745 days

Temp: 153 K

Mass: 1.17 Earth

Radius: 7550 km

Gravity: 0.83 g

Rotation: 19 hours

Moon(s): 2


Orono D
Orono D is a common gas giant containing just under half  of Jupiter's mass.  The planet's dense atmosphere consists of layers of hydrogen and helium, with traces of methane.

Distance: 4.49 AU

Orbit: 10.6 years

Temp: 91 K

Mass: 0.47 Jupiter

Radius: 48447 km

Gravity: 2.58 g

Rotation: 22 hours

Moon(s): 12


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