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System: Noi

Primary Star: Noi

Stellar Type: G5V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 324 ly

Population: 600 Million



The Noi system is a 4 planet system orbiting a yellow, g-type star.  The system's quickly growing primary planet is home to most of the systems population.




Noi B

Planet B is a common, run-away greenhouse gas, Venus type world.  The hot surface sits under a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere, permanently hidden under clouds.  Floating habitats could potentially be built high in the planets atmosphere.



Noi C

The earth-like world Noi C was ruled by an authoritarian government for centuries, before eventually being overthrown in a bloody revolution.  Since the revolution, Noi C has grown both economically and technologically.  Nowhere on the planet has the growth been more noticeable than on the resource rich southeast continent. 



Noi D

Planet D is a cold, dry world orbiting outside the habitable zone.  The planets lacks even a thin atmosphere.  Despite being an outer planet, the surface contains very little water ice, instead it is made up mostly of iron, carbon, and sulfur.




Noi E

A standard hydrogen/helium gas giant, with traces of ammonia and methane in the atmosphere.





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