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Nigel is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Draco Constellation of the Polaris Region.

Developing the icy primary planet was a project of a group of wealthy business owners from the Polaris Region. They planned to mine the mineral rich world and eventually terraform it to make it at least partially habitable. The plan ultimately failed and nearly bankrupt the group.


The majority of the valuable minerals were located deep below the ice, it proved to be too costly to extract, No company or government has wanted to restart the project. The planet's only population are a few groups of workers who stayed behind.

System: Nigel

Primary Star: HD 116592

Stellar Type: G0V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.1

Luminosity: 2.25x Sun

Distance: 292.8 ly

Constellation: Draco

Region: Polaris


Nigel Planets

Nigel B
Nigel B is a large terrestrial world orbiting on the inner edge of the habitable zone.  The planet is hidden under a thick carbon dioxide and methane atmosphere.

Distance: 1.48 AU

Orbit: 393 days

Temp: 325 K

Mass: 2.82 Earth

Radius: 9212 km

Gravity: 1.35 g

Rotation: 29 hours

Moon(s): 3


Nigel C
Nigel C is cold, ice covered terrestrial world.  There is an abundance of valuable minerals deep below the ice, that no company has been able to extract.

Distance: 4.96 AU

Orbit: 10.5 years

Temp: 136 K

Mass: 2.11 Earth

Radius: 9075 km

Gravity: 1.04 g

Rotation: 29 hours

Moon(s): 5


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