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Nialone (N-eye-ah-Lo-nuh) is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Virgo Constellation of the Spica Region.

Originally the Nialone System was considered the center of the region, because of it's strategic location close to numerous worlds.  Though a change occurred as Daliasunta shifted towards being the region's center.


Nialone's primary world quickly grew.   Numerous oceanside cities, capitalizing off the planet's balmy weather, became resort towns.  Nialone seemed destined to forever be the region's center.


The primary planet's population started to slow at a rapid pace, as region's center shifted to nearby Daliasunta.  The tourists who once flocked to this system saw it as unstable, the economy suffered, and soon even the population was declining.

System: Nialone

Primary Star: TYC61222681

Stellar Type: G4V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.02

Luminosity: 1.20x Sun

Distance: 236.7 ly

Constellation: Virgo

Region: Spica

Population: 4.2 Billion


Nialone Planets

Nialone B
Nialone B is small, iron rich world scorched by the nearby sun.  The planet is known for a ship that crashed there carrying tourists on a tour of the solar system.  It is said that nobody survived the crash yet many of the bodies were never found.

Distance: 0.48 AU

Orbit: 122 days

Temp: 390 K

Mass: 0.52 Earth

Radius: km km

Gravity: 0.68 g

Rotation: 28 hours

Moon(s): 0


Nialone C
Nialone C is a vast, dry desert world that that some consider could be dying.  The planet has a neon and nitrogen atmosphere that is slowly dissipating.  Numerous underground complexes are built into the one of the planet's large mountain ranges.

Distance: 0.73 AU

Orbit: 223 days

Temp: 319 K

Mass: 0.48 Earth

Radius: 5025 km

Gravity: 0.77 g

Rotation: 28 hours

Moon(s): 1


Nialone D
D is a rocky, terrestrial world sitting under a thick carbon atmosphere.  The world is a fairly standard, runaway greenhouse planet similar to Venus.

Distance: 1.09 AU

Orbit: 411 days

Temp: 591 K

Mass: 1.29 Earth

Radius: 6847 km

Gravity: 1.11 g

Rotation: 21 hours

Moon(s): 3


Nialone E
Nialone E is a habitable terrestrial world.  The planet has undergone an economic downturn, once considered the jewel of the Spica Region, it now has a shrinking population.  Endless jungles stretch across the surface sitting under a warm humid atmosphere.  Acropolis City is the capital, is perched high above the central ocean.

Distance: 1.6 AU

Orbit: 729 days

Temp: 294 K

Mass: 0.82 Earth

Radius: 6002 km

Gravity: 0.93 g

Rotation: 21 hours

Moon(s): 2


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