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New Janus


New Janus is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Ara Constellation of the Sargas Region.

New Janus has seen steady growth ever since the system's primary planet was settled.  Though the population centers are mostly centralized in the Sargas Region, New Janus has grown into the billions while sitting in a sparsely populated, isolated part of the region.


The system's habitable primary planet has transitioned into an important financial and manufacturing center in the region.  The New Janus population have often consider their home planet the jewel of the Sargas Region, an isolated world with it's own culture, yet a powerful force in the inner sphere.

System: New Janus

Primary Star: HD 165271

Stellar Type: G5IV ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.2

Luminosity: 3.24x Sun

Distance: 213.6 ly

Constellation: Ara

Region: Sargas

Population: 2.5 Billion


New Janus Planets

New Janus B
New Janus B is a warm, rocky terrestrial world. The planet was once cooler and more earth-like, but warmed significantly as the sun grew into a subgiant. The surface is composed of magnesium, copper, and carbon. The planet has a thin carbon dioxide atmosphere

Distance: 0.9 AU

Orbit: 285 days

Temp: 377 K

Mass: 0.42 Earth

Radius: 4920 km

Gravity: 0.70 g

Rotation: 50 hours

Moon(s): 1


New Janus C
New Janus C is a habitable terrestrial world.  The planet's land masses are centralized in a single super continent that dominates the planet's surface. A massive inland sea is located in the center of the continent, with the planet's lone ocean surrounding it.  Large mountain ranges run parallel across the continent, they include towering peaks caused by the planet's lower gravity.

Distance: 2.01 AU

Orbit: 952 days

Temp: 292 K

Mass: 0.67 Earth

Radius: 5573 km

Gravity: 0.87 g

Rotation: 25 hours

Moon(s): 3


New Janus D
New Janus D is a cold, rocky terrestrial world. The planet is a dry, barren world orbiting outside the habitable zone. The surface contains high amounts of carbon compounds, with a thin nitrogen atmosphere.

Distance: 2.98 AU

Orbit: 4.7 years

Temp: 207 K

Mass: 1.18 Earth

Radius: 6852 km

Gravity: 1.02 g

Rotation: 23 hours

Moon(s): 2


New Janus E
New Janus E is a gas giant with 60% of Jupiter's mass.  The planet's atmosphere contains of methane and ammonia gas layered throughout the cloud levels.

Distance: 8.5 AU

Orbit: 22.6 years

Temp: 113 K

Mass: 0.61 Jupiter

Radius: 65590 km

Gravity: 1.83 g

Rotation: 11 hours

Moon(s): 18


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