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Neolotus System 


System: Neolotus

Primary Star: HD 221818

Stellar Type: G8V

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 118 ly

Constellation: Phoenix

Population: 1.1 Billion



Neolotus is a small four planet system 118 ly from Sol in the Phoenix constellation.  Neolotus's primary planet is a harsh world in which plants don't grow on the surface, because of a strange bacteria in the soil.  Despite this the planet has still grown a sizable population of over 1 billion based on manufacturing.




Neolotus I

Venus-like world which are common throughout the galaxy, hidden under a thick atmosphere, the result of a runaway greenhouse effect.  What makes this planet unique is the high amounts of neon gas in the atmosphere giving the clouds a reddish hue.







Neolotus II

The world is known for its harsh soil filled with a strange bacteria, which doesn't allow plants to grow on the surface.  Bioengineers have tried unsuccessfully to make plants that'll grow on the planet and turn it green.  Without plants the continents resemble endless deserts which can turn into mud swamps whenever it rains.  Despite the conditions on the planet a large population has grown, based heavily on manufacturing.  Companies find the planet's loose pollution laws as a haven for cheap industry.






Neolotus III

The planet of Neolotus III is a Mars type world.  The planet has been bombarded by meteors from the nearby asteroid belt, leaving the surface heavily cratered.






Neolotus IV

The system’s largest planet is a Jupiter like gas giant.







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