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Nasira System 


System: Nasira

Primary Star: Nasira

Stellar Type: G3V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 471 ly

Constellation: Orion

Region: Betelgeuse

Population: 112 Million



The Nasira system is an isolated 4 planet system.  The interior of the primary planet Nasira C has frozen (often and indication that the planet is dying) giving it a weak magnetic field.  The surface of the planet is bombarded with solar radiation.  Genetic engineering was done on the early settlers them giving them almost completely black skin and eyes to help protect from the radiation.  Few travelers venture to this forgotten world, but those who do find a unique place with strange people isolated from much of galaxy.  A large population of over a hundred million has grown on this planet, most of them decedents of the early colonists.




Nasira A

The rocky inner world of Nasira A is a hot dry world close to the sun.  The planet has little to no atmosphere, but is rich with metals.  Small mining colonies exist on the much cooler night side.







Nasira B

Nasira B is a lifeless world orbiting in the inner part of the habitable zone, at earth like temperatures (though a little bit warmer than earth).  The planet has absolutely no atmosphere, which is not fully understood given the planets temperature and size.  One theory is that a comet impact early in the planets history stripped it of its atmosphere.  It may be possible to terraform this world, but the lack of an atmosphere would make it extremely difficult.






Nasira C

Nasira C is a green world in which plate tectonics have stopped leaving much of the surface flat.  Grasslands and forests stretch across the planets continents.  The planet has only a small magnetic field leaving much of surface exposed to higher levels of solar radiation than what is seen on earth.  The people of Nasira have very dark skin and eyes to help adapt to the conditions on the planet.





Nasira C1

The first of two captured asteroids orbiting the planet Nasira C.  C1 is the smaller of the two moons and orbits closer to the planet.





Nasira C2

The more distant moon C2 is the larger of the two captured asteroids.  The moon has been mined in the past extracting valuable metals from its surface.






Nasira D

Planet D is a large gas giant with three times the mass of Jupiter.  The planet has an eccentric orbit that swings between 10 au and 21 au and takes nearly 63 years to complete.  During the warmer summer period bands of white clouds appear across the planet, while during the winter period the planet is almost completely blue.






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