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System: Mustavo

Primary Star: HD 117963

Stellar Type: K0IV ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 289 ly

Constellation: Ursa Major

Region: Izar

Population: 80 Million




Mustavo is ran by a group of tyrants who call themselves The Liberators, a sharp contrast to what they really are.  The Liberators claim they freed slaves and brought them to Mustavo, whom most of popualtion is built from.  In reality many of the slaves found conditions worse on the new planet, with a highly active slave trade, the supposedly freed people had somply gone from one slave market to another.  Though The Liberators deny the underground slave trades, its a highly known fact that systems economy is based on it.





Mustavo B

The planet is a large gas giant that migrated inward close to the sun.  A super heated gas ball there is an extended atmosphere thousands of kilometers above the cloud deck.  The planet is a dark color caused by sodium haze, and glows blue in the sunlight.







Asteroid Belt

A thick asteroid belt is what remains of the interior planets that would have formed if planet b hadn't migrated inward.  The asteroids are the metal-rich remnants of planets.







Mustavo C

Planet C is a dry world with a vast, endless desert.  Sandy plains are all that remain of once widespread oceans that evaporated and disappeared, as the sun grew and planet heated up.  Thick carbon dioxide trap heat in and warm up the planet even more.  A moderate sized population has grown on the planet despite the harsh conditions.  Mustavo is well known for its blacks markets that are run on the streets of the busy cities.







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