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Megaris is a two planet system orbiting a orange/yellow k-class star, the system lies in the Hyades Region.

Megaris has always been a commonly traversed system, often being the first jump out of the Hyades Region.  A small group of traders eventually decided to colonize system's the innermost world .


The planet's vast supply of underground water was tapped into, bringing water to the surface to help irrigate farmlands.  An agricultural society quickly started to grow as the surface of the planet was transformed into billions of acres of green farmland.


Megaris's population grew quickly though its prosperity was short lived.  A mixture of crop diseases and drought helped to wipe out the farmlands just as rapidly as they had formed.  The majority of the settlers left Megaris for other planets leaving behind a smaller, impoverished population.

System: Megaris

Primary Star: TYC7025241

Stellar Type: K0V

Distance: 209 ly

Constellation: Orion

Mass (Sol): 0.9

Region: Hyades

Population: 30 Million


Megaris Planets

Megaris B
Megaris B is the system's innermost planet.  A fairly dry world with a habitable atmosphere, covered in 40% world.  Large sections on the planet's surface is covered in a vast rocky desert, with wetter areas surrounding the shorelines of the seas.  There is considerable amount of underground water just  below the surface.  During a short time, the planet's surface was greener with farmlands and meadows irrigated from the underground water.

Distance: 0.63 AU

Orbit: 193 days

Temp: 303 K

Mass: 0.39 Earth

Radius: 4786 km

Gravity: 0.69 g

Rotation: 29 hours



Megaris C
Megaris C is a hydrogen/helium gas giant with a little over half of Jupiter's mass.  The planet contains small amounts of methane in the upper atmosphere giving it a blue color.

Distance: 2.73 AU

Orbit: 4.8 years

Temp: 124 K

Mass: 0.53 Jupiter

Radius: 64,285 km

Gravity: 1.65 g

Rotation: 16 hours



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