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Marco-Darmus is a planetary system orbiting a white/yellow f-class star.  The system lies in the Orion Constellation of the Betelgeuse Region.  The parent star is brighter and more massive than Sol, it is sometimes compared to Procyon.

Marco-Darmus's primary world named Maximina was the first planet successfully colonized by the group which would later be known as the Orion Alliance.  Overcrowding had become a major issue in the nearby Azarus System.  When it was discovered that Maximina had a habitable atmosphere, millions of Azarians migrated there.


Conflicts arose during that period between the newcomers and the already established native population.  Though the conflicts didn't last long, the Azarians had far superior technology.  They ultimately incorporated their society, religion, and government structure into the native population.  They built cities and modernized the primitive society, for nearly 100 years they ruled the native people.


As news of the uprising against the Orion Alliance colonization groups began to spread throughout the Betelgeuse Region, the indigenous people of Maximina started their own revolution.  They would ultimately overthrow the Orion Alliance inspired government.  Multiple high ranking officials were convicted of war crimes, but escaped and lived in exile on Fira with other Orion Alliance supporters from other worlds.

System: Marco-Darmus

Primary Star: TYC1187491

Stellar Type: F4V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.40

Luminosity: 6.19x Sun

Distance: 433 ly

Constellation: Orion

Region: Betelgeuse

Population: 2 Billion


Marco-Darmus Planets

Lazaros (Marco-Darmus B)
Lazaros is a small, rocky, terrestrial world.  The planet has an exotic atmosphere consisting of Hydrogen Sulfide.  The atmosphere is extremely volatile, it will thicken during periods of heavy volcanism, then thin back out.

Distance: 0.85 AU

Orbit: 241 days

Temp: 435 K

Mass: 0.09 Earth

Radius: 2826 km

Gravity: 0.47 g

Rotation: 19 hours

Moon(s): 0


Maximina (Marco-Darmus C)
Maximina is a habitable terrestrial world larger than Earth.  The planet is covered in 60% water, the land areas are seperated into one super continent named Zareka, and two smaller continents Varella and Prixus.  The majority of the population live on Varella, and along the coastlines of Zareka in cities originally built by the Orion Alliance.  Prixus is too cold and lies too far south for any large scale developments, the continent partially covers the planet's south pole.

Distance: 2.00 AU

Orbit: 874 days

Temp: 283 K

Mass: 1.25 Earth

Radius: 7055 km

Gravity: 1.02 g

Rotation: 29 hours

Moon(s): 2


Vesna (Marco-Darmus D)
Vesna is a cold, rocky, terrestrial world that lacks any measurable atmosphere.  The surface is composed of large amounts of iron sulfide and silicate rocks.  Other sulfur compounds give the planet its colored appearance.  One of the mysteries about Vesna is how such a large planet with a high gravity lost its atmosphere.

Distance: 3.78 AU

Orbit: 6.2 years

Temp: 173 K

Mass: 2.51 Earth

Radius: 8860 km

Gravity: 1.30 g

Rotation: 40 hours

Moon(s): 6


Corydon (Marco-Darmus E)
Corydon is a hydrogen/helium gas giant orbiting at a distance of 8.6 AU.  The planet is orbited 55 natural satellites, 5 large spherical moons and 50 asteroid sized objects.

Distance: 8.63 AU

Orbit: 21.4 years

Temp: 137 K

Mass: 0.80 Jupiter

Radius: 71,150 km

Gravity: 2.05 g

Rotation: 11 hours

Moon(s): 55


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