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The primary planet in the Libitina System



System: Libitina

Primary Star: BD-03 342

Stellar Type: G3V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 412 ly

Constellation: Cetus


Planetary Data:

Distance: 1.45 AU

Temperature: 221 K

Mass: 1.47 Earth

Radius: 7431 km

Gravity: 1.08 g

Orbital Period: 635 Days

Rotation Period: 37 Hours




Libitina is an example of a failed attempt to terrafrom a world.  The system orbits a yellow g-type star located at the edge of the inner sphere bordering the middle regions.  The original intent to terraform the cold primary world was to use atmosphere factories to convert nitrogen, methane, and sulfur from the planet's rocks into the air.  The planet's temperature would increase as the atmosphere thickened with greenhouse gasses, this would melt the large ice deposits under the surface creating an ocean.


The terrafroming project was abandoned leaving the planet partially terraformed.  The planet's atmosphere is now filled with toxic gasses, though the planet was never warmed enough for long-term liquid water.   The leaders of the terraforming venture withdrew from the planet and ended the operation, they left behind the majority of the workers.



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