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Legend is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Carina Constellation of the Inner/Sol Region.

Early settlers were drawn the Legend's primary planet due to its warm, tropical climate and abundance of valuable minerals.  The planet's population grew quickly with colonists from multiple different systems.  Tensions started to rise between the various groups of settlers all looking to control the most land.


Multiple regional conflicts quickly escalated into wars.  The planet that once showed so much promise fell into world wars that would last decades.  This time is known as Legend's dark ages by the local population.


A peace treaty would eventually be reached, finally ending the violence.  With world peace now a reality, the planet's population has started to grew quickly again.  Vast amounts of off-world assistance has been used to help rebuild the planet.

System: Legend

Primary Star: HD 58895

Stellar Type: G5IV ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.3

Luminosity: 4.72x Sun

Distance: 158.3 ly

Constellation: Carina

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 1 Billion


Legend Planets

Legend B
Legend B is terrestrial world orbiting inside the habitable zone.  The planet has a nitrogen atmosphere.  Its surface is composed of basalt rock with large amounts of iron oxide, this gives the planet its red hue.

Distance: 0.98 AU

Orbit: 312 days

Temp: 396 K

Mass: 0.46 Earth

Radius: 5068 km

Gravity: 0.73 g

Rotation: 49 hours

Moon(s): 0


Legend C
Legend C is a warm, swampy terrestrial world.  The planet is covered in a single landmass dotted with numerous large inland seas.  Warmer than Earth, much of the planet has a humid, tropical climate.  The planet has a fairly uniform temperature across much of the surface, this is caused by the relatively flat terrain and the only slight axial tilt.

Distance: 1.71 AU

Orbit: 730 days

Temp: 299 K

Mass: 1.26 Earth

Radius: 6994 km

Gravity: 1.05 g

Rotation: 33 hours

Moon(s): 2


Legend D
Legend D is terrestrial world that orbits on the outside edge of the habitable zone.  The planet has a thick atmosphere, its surface is composed of silicate rock and water ice, with frozen carbon dioxide covering the poles.

Distance: 3.11 AU

Orbit: 4.8 years

Temp: 219 K

Mass: 0.23 Earth

Radius: 7070 km

Gravity: 0.98 g

Rotation: 53 hours

Moon(s): 2


Legend E
Legend F is a common hydrogen-helium gas giant with a larger mass than Jupiter.  The planet's upper atmosphere contains ammonia, which gives the planet a yellow hue.

Distance: 7.56 AU

Orbit: 18.2 years

Temp: 132 K

Mass: 1.41 Jupiter

Radius: 82458 km

Gravity: 2.68 g

Rotation: 18 hours

Moon(s): 16


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