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Kyada is a planetary system orbiting a yellow g-class star.  The system lies in the Carina Constellation in the Inner Region.

Early settlers where drawn the system's primary planet due to its warm tropical weather, endless white beaches, and dense jungles.  The population quickly grew along the coastlines, while the jungle covered continental interiors, often called the tribal regions, where left mostly primitive. 


Tensions began to build as coastline cities industrialized.  The interior villages and tribal regions criticized their neighbors for the lack of developing infrastructure in much of the planet's rural areas.


The tensions escalated into violent conflicts as the people of tribal regions built arsenals of weapons.  The conflicts intensified as both sides used biological and chemical weapons.  Many believe the planet is at the brink of a full world war.

System: Kyada

Primary Star: HD 66973

Stellar Type: G5V

Distance: 156 ly

Constellation: Carina

Region: Inner

Population: 950 Million


Kyada Planets
Kyada B

Kyada B
Kyada B is a mineral rich terrestrial world orbiting close to the sun.  The planets contains large deposits of rhodium and iridium just under the surface.  Despite the deposits valuable metals, political bureaucracy has created a situation where mining operations on the planet are woefully underdeveloped. 

Distance: 0.48 AU

Orbit: 123 days

Temp: 336 K

Mass: 0.26 Earth

Radius: 4108 km

Gravity: 0.62 g

Rotation: 77 hours


Kyada C

Kyada C
Kyada C is a terrestrial world with a habitable atmosphere.  The planet is covered in 80% water, with its land areas are into 4 continents.  Warmer than Earth, the continents are covered in dense jungles.  Industrialized cities line the coastlines creating a sharp contrast with the archaic societies on continents' interior.

Distance: 0.84 AU

Orbit: 279 days

Temp: 292 K

Mass: 1.22 Earth

Radius: 7124 km

Gravity: 0.97 g

Rotation: 28 hours

Kyada D

Kyada D
Kyada D is a cold, terrestrial world orbiting just outside the a habitable zone.  The planet has a carbon dioxide atmosphere.  It's surface is composed of equal amounts of water ice and rocky material.

Distance: 1.37 AU

Orbit: 583 days

Temp: 200 K

Mass: 0.25 Earth

Radius: 4657 km

Gravity: 0.46 g

Rotation: 36 hours


Kyada E

Kyada E
Kyada E is an icy world far too cold for liquid water to exist.  The planet's atmosphere is made up of mostly nitrogen, its cold enough for carbon dioxide snow to occur.  The planet's crust is composed of a mixture of water and carbon dioxide ices.

Distance: 2.15 AU

Orbit: 3.1 years

Temp: 160 K

Mass: 0.91 Earth

Radius: 6842 km

Gravity: 0.79 g

Rotation: 21 hours


Kyada F

Kyada F
Kyada F is a common ice giant orbiting at a distance of 21 AU.  The planet is a frozen gaseous world with a hydrogen/helium atmosphere, trace amounts of methane give the atmosphere its hue.

Distance: 20.8 AU

Orbit: 94.7 years

Temp: 47 K

Mass: 16.11 Earth

Radius: 27,540 km

Gravity: 0.86 g

Rotation: 13 hours



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