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Kimora is a planet system orbiting a yellow g-class star, the system lies in the Borealis Region.


The system was first settled by colonists from the inner systems of the Borealis Region.  Kimora is located in a remote part of the region often traversed by those traveling to the Polaris Region.


Despite the remoteness of the system, a sizable population has grown on the primary planet.  The planet's culture is a mixture of cultures from various planets in the Polaris and Borealis Regions.

System: Kimora

Primary Star: TYC7025241

Stellar Type: G0V ☼

Distance: 281 ly

Constellation: Cepheus

Region: Borealis

Population: 800 Million


Kimora Planets

Kimora B
Kimora B is a dry lifeless rock whose surface is scorched by the nearby sun.  With a surface temperature of 400°C (750°F) the planet is hotter than Mercury and close to the temperature of Venus.

Distance: 0.23 AU

Orbit: 40 days

Temp: 672 K

Mass: 0.39 Earth

Radius: 4347 km

Gravity: 0.52 g

Rotation: 177 hours



Kimora C
Kimora C is a habitable terrestrial world with 1.4 times Earth's mass.  The planet is covered in 50% water, the surface separated into a large deep ocean and a single super continent.  Warmer than Earth, the land areas are covered in hot, humid jungles which gradually dry out moving inland from the coasts.  The planet has a tumultuous climate that is often susceptible to extreme droughts

Distance: 1.21 AU

Orbit: 680 days

Temp: 298 K

Mass: 1.36 Earth

Radius: 7089 km

Gravity: 1.10 g

Rotation: 37 hours



Kimora D
Kimora D is a hydrogen/helium gas giant that is slightly more massive than Jupiter.  Orbiting further out than Jupiter, the planet is considerably cooler than Sol's gas giants.

Distance: 6.77 AU

Orbit: 17.6 years

Temp: 110 K

Mass: 1.14 Jupiter

Radius: 66,531 km

Gravity: 3.31 g

Rotation: 15 hours



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