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Kiera is a multiple planet system orbiting a yellow/orange k-class star, the system lies in the Capricorn Region.


As the population was growing on the inner worlds in the Capricorn Region, Kiera was viewed as one of the system's that could ease the overcrowding.  Early settlers on the system's primary planet were mostly immigrants from Capricora and Shakerpearia.


The population started growing rapidly creating friction between the new immigrants and the existing population.  As violence started to erupt the government quickly responded by closing off the planet from the rest of the region.  During this period of time, nobody was allowed to enter of leave the planet.  The system become isolated, and partially forgotten about.  A civil war would eventually overthrow the existing government and the planet was reopened to the rest of the region.

System: Kiera

Primary Star: Kiera

Stellar Type: K2V

Distance: 159 ly

Constellation: Aquarius

Mass (Sol): 0.81

Region: Capricorn

Population: 500 Million


Kiera Planets

Kiera B
Kiera B is a warm terrestrial world orbiting close just under 0.25 AU from the sun.  The planet has an extremely thin atmosphere.  Its surface is composed of rocky material with deposits of silver and titanium.

Distance: 0.29 AU

Orbit: 64 days

Temp: 379 K

Mass: 0.38 Earth

Radius: 4765 km

Gravity: 0.68 g

Rotation: 110 hours



Kiera C
Kiera C is a rocky terrestrial world with a habitable atmosphere.  Slightly colder than than Earth, the planet's main continent named Terra Kierra is covered in dense, green coniferous forests.  The planet's landscape is gently rolling plains that gets drier moving from west to east across Terra Kierra.  The continent has a long, tectonic mountain range that runs along the equator.

Distance: 0.53 AU

Orbit: 156 days

Temp: 282 K

Mass: 0.69 Earth

Radius: 5560 km

Gravity: 0.91 g

Rotation: 31 hours



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