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Kappa Fornacis


System: Kappa Fornacis

Primary Star: Kappa Fornacis, HD 14802

Stellar Type: G1Va ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 71.5 ly

Constellation: Fornax

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 400 Million



The star of Kappa Fornacis is a yellow g-class star that is unusually bright for its spectral type, meaning the star may be becoming a subgiant.  The system was settled during the second and third colonization periods.  A hundred years after the system was first settled the primary world (planet d) was growing quickly.  The fast growth was believed by many to have caused the planet to lose it identity and was becoming similar to many other worlds.  Growth was curved when the government put in strict laws restricting anyone from entering or leaving the system, thus isolating the world.  The isolation lasted for nearly a hundred years causing the planet to slowly slip into the dark ages.  Eventually the government was overthrown and Kappa Fornacis’s days of isolation where over.




Planet B

The innermost world of Planet B is a mineral rich world.  Small colonies have been established here ever since the system was first colonized.







Planet C

Planet C is a dry desert world with endless dunes.  The planet sits under a thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide and sulfur clouds.  Global dust storms are common in the high winds.







Planet D

For the longest time little was known about this world.  The strict government isolated the world from the outside until they were finally overthrown.  The planet is somewhat mountainous and rich in minerals; mining has recently become very profitable here.






Planet E

The system’s only gas giant orbiting at a distance of about 8 au.  There is nothing that separates this gas giant from many others in the galaxy.






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