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Kainus is a planetary system orbiting a orange K-class star.  The system lies in the Centaurus Constellation of the Acrux/Agena Region.

The primary planet of the Kainus System is a cold world that is slowly coming out of a brutal ice age.  Parts of the planet have warmed, as ice is disappearing across the surface.  The warmest region on the planet is a band stretched along the equator, where the climate switches from arctic and ice covered, to more temperate.


Early settlers found the region along the equator to have fertile soil, they built an agricultural based society.  The planet's entire population reside in the equatorial region, where the climate is warmer and much less harsh.

System: Kainus

Primary Star: TYC899417251

Stellar Type: K0V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.75

Luminosity: 0.57x Sun

Distance: 358.8 ly

Constellation: Centaurus

Region: Acrux/Agena

Population: 125 Million


Kainus Planets

Kainus B
Kainus B is a terrestrial world with a thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide, the surface is rich in iron.  Sections of the planet contain large amounts of iron oxide causing the red appearance.

Distance: 0.42 AU

Orbit: 113 days

Temp: 352 K

Mass: 0.19 Earth

Radius: 4,017 km

Gravity: 0.47 g

Rotation: 45 hours

Moon(s): 1


Kainus C
Kainus C is a cold, habitable, terrestrial world.  Thick ice sheets cut their way down from the poles and across the planet.  The majority of the population live near the equator where temperatures are more temperate.  Much of the planet is plagued with permanent cold weather and constant blizzards.

Distance: 0.91 AU

Orbit: 368 days

Temp: 260 K

Mass: 0.86 Earth

Radius: 6,259 km

Gravity: 0.89 g

Rotation: 23 hours

Moon(s): 2


Kainus D
Kainus D is a cloudy giant consisting of hydrogen and helium, orbiting far the orange parent star.  Numerous fully automated mining colonies exist in floating cities, high in the clouds.

Distance: 8.67 AU

Orbit: 29.5 years

Temp: 72 K

Mass: 1.12 Jupiter

Radius: 65,442 km

Gravity: 3.37 g

Rotation: 20 hours

Moon(s): 4


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