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Johara is a planetary system orbiting a yellow g-class star slightly more massive than Sol.  The system lies in the Fornax Region.

The Johara System's primary world is a planet with a developing ecosystem similar to an early Earth.  Life has started to thrive in the planets oceans, as well as on the land areas algae and lichens have began to grow.


A planet wide nature reserve was established to help protect the fragile, developing ecosystem.  Strict rules against any human colonization were established, this included severe punishments for anybody caught landing on planet without special permits.  The laws didn't deter colonization attempts though, as multiple illegal colonies have been established across the planet.

System: Johara

Primary Star: HD 23236

Stellar Type: G3V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.10

Luminosity: 1.59x Sun

Distance: 257 ly

Constellation: Fornax

Region: Fornax

Population: 70 Million


Johara Planets

Johara B
Johara B is a rocky terrestrial world.  The planet has a carbon dioxide atmosphere with traces of sulfuric acid.  The planet's surface is comprised of various  types of igneous rocks

Distance: 0.42 AU

Orbit: 95 days

Temp: 460 K

Mass: 1.35 Earth

Radius: 6978 km

Gravity: 1.13 g

Rotation: 21 days



Johara C
Johara C is habitable, terrestrial world larger than Earth.  The planet is covered in about 50% water.  Life has started to thrive in the planet's oceans, and is growing on land in the form of mosses and lichens.  The Fornax Region governments have struggled to protect the planet's fragile, developing life.

Distance: 1.35 AU

Orbit: 547 days

Temp: 290 K

Mass: 1.48 Earth

Radius: 7269 km

Gravity: 1.14 g

Rotation: 41 hours


Closest Inhabited Systems:



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Fornax Prime






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