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Ivory Terra


Ivory Terra is a planetary system orbiting a white/yellow F-class star.  The system lies in the Fornax Constellation of the Fornax Region.

The Ivory Terra System's primary planet is a terrestrial world covered in endless grasslands and tundra.  The planet is home to the Erwani's, massive, fur covered, husked animals weighing multiple tons.  The gentle creatures roam the vast grasslands slowing grazing on the boundless pastures.  The planet's population is made up of mostly nomads and herdsmen sprawled across the surface.


The Erwani's population was once estimated to be over a billion, but their numbers have been disappearing as poaching the creatures has become an epidemic. Demand for the Ewani's husks has spread to many worlds in the inner sphere,


The planet's government started conservation efforts in order to try to protect the dwindling Erwani population.  They established strict laws against poaching and created large, protected wildlife preserves.  Though the efforts have done little to curb the illegal poaching activities.

System: Ivory Terra

Primary Star: HD 20154

Stellar Type: F8V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.20

Luminosity: 2.97x Sun

Distance: 284.9 ly

Constellation: Fornax

Region: Fornax

Population: 100 Million


Ivory Terra Planets

Ivory Terra B
Ivory Terra B is a rocky terrestrial world with a carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere.  The planet's scorching hot surface is composed of iron, with extensive deposits of nickel.

Distance: 0.63 AU

Orbit: 168 days

Temp: 422 K

Mass: 0.47 Earth

Radius: 5128 km

Gravity: 0.73 g

Rotation: 33 hours

Moon(s): 0


Ivory Terra C
Ivory Terra C is a habitable world that orbits on the inside edge of the habitable zone.  The has an extremely thin atmosphere, it's surface contains large amounts of various carbonate minerals.

Distance: 1.11 AU

Orbit: 391 days

Temp: 319 K

Mass: 0.26 Earth

Radius: 4522 km

Gravity: 0.53 g

Rotation: 22 hours

Moon(s): 0


Ivory Terra D
Ivory Terra D is the system's habitable primary world.  The planet's land areas are covered in endless sprawling grasslands, that slowly transition into tundra in the higher and lower latitudes.  The planet's water is mostly contained in various, deep inland seas.

Distance: 2.2 AU

Orbit: 3 years

Temp: 274 K

Mass: 1.46 Earth

Radius: 7507 km

Gravity: 1.05 g

Rotation: 53 hours

Moon(s): 3


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