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Isaiah is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Columba Constellation of the Canopus Region.

The system lies in a strategic location between Canopus and Betelgeuse regions.  If it wasn't for the system's strategic location, the system would be of little of importance.  Home to a single, icy terrestrial world and a large asteroid belt.


Minor mining operations have existed in the system's large asteroid belt.  Their operations were based on the system's only planet.

System: Isaiah

Primary Star: HD 39796

Stellar Type: G8V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.09

Luminosity: 2.67x Sun

Distance: 234.15 ly

Constellation: Columba

Region: Canopus

Population: 5 Million


Isaiah Planets

Isaiah B
Isaiah B is a cold, partially habitable, terrestrial world.  Much of the surface is covered in ice layers of ice.  Occasionally seasonal temperatures can rise above freezing, leaving short lived lakes of liquid water.

Distance: 2.38 AU

Orbit: 3.5 years

Temp: 216 K

Mass: 2.47 Earth

Radius: 9438 km

Gravity: 1.13 g

Rotation: 45 hours

Moon(s): 5


Isaiah C
A thick asteroid belt centered around 10 AU.  Some mining operations occur within the belt's asteroid bodies.

Distance: 10 AU



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