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Indigo is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Tucana Constellation of the Achernar Region.

When the first explorers travelled through the Achernar Region, they found the Indigo System.  It's primary planet is covered in a large, vastly deep ocean littered with countless lush green islands, spread across the planet wide ocean.


Blessed with endless warm weather over much of the planet, white sandy beaches, and pristine landscapes on the islands, colonists from other regions flocked to the planet, its population grew quickly.


In order to deal with the swiftly growing population, and disappearing land areas, a major project was started by the planet's government.  This project used material from nearby asteroids to increase the size of the islands, creating more livable space.

System: Indigo

Primary Star: TYC884514631

Stellar Type: G8V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.92

Luminosity: 0.77x Sun

Distance: 171.04 ly

Constellation: Tucana

Region: Achernar

Population: 180 Million


Indigo Planets

Indigo B
The system's primary planet is a warm, habitable world covered in an extremely deep ocean.  The planet's atmosphere is often cloudy with intense storms, they grow quickly over the endless stretches of warm water.  The land areas are spread across lush, tropical islands.  The size of the islands have increased due to man-made projects.

Distance: 0.62 AU

Orbit: 185 days

Temp: 299 K

Mass: 1.17 Earth

Radius: 7007 km

Gravity: 0.97 g

Rotation: 30 hours

Moon(s): 2


Indigo C
Indigo C is a cold terrestrial world that orbits on the outside of the habitable zone.  The planet has a carbon dioxide and methane atmosphere.  The planet's surface is composed of silicate rock with water and carbon dioxide ices.

Distance: 1.99 AU

Orbit: 2.9 years

Temp: 180 K

Mass: 2.05 Earth

Radius: 8825 km

Gravity: 1.07 g

Rotation: 75 hours

Moon(s): 6


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