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Helblinde is a planetary system orbiting a orange K-class star.  The system lies in the Pisces Constellation of the Mirach Region.

Helblinde is a trade system that connects the Mirach Region with the Triangulum Region.  The system's strategic location between the 2 regions made it an ideal to spot to connect with jump stations.


Beyond the Helblinde's bustling jump stations at the edge of the system, Helblinde's primary planet is a cold, icy world.  The planet is known for intense wind and ice storms, it is home to a small population.

System: Helblinde

Primary Star: TYC22929671

Stellar Type: K2V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.82

Luminosity: 0.29x Sun

Distance: 233.3 ly

Constellation: Pisces

Region: Mirach

Population: 4 Million


Helblinde Planets

Helblinde B
Helblinde B is a a terrestrial world with a thin atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide.  The planet is a bit too cold for liquid water to exist anywhere on the surface.

Distance: 0.88 AU

Orbit: 334 days

Temp: 213 K

Mass: 0.40 Earth

Radius: 4,836 km

Gravity: 0.69 g

Rotation: 29 hours

Moon(s): 2


Helblinde C
Helblinde C is a cold world that's a mix between and ice world and terrestrial.  The planet's icy surface is known for intense wind and ice storms that often pound the surface.  The planet is home to a small population.

Distance: 1.77 AU

Orbit: 951 days

Temp: 174 K

Mass: 0.28 Earth

Radius: 4,845 km

Gravity: 0.49 g

Rotation: 25 hours

Moon(s): 4


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