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HD 50499


HD 50499 is a 2 planet system orbiting a yellow g-type star that lies in-between the Sol and Hyades regions.


The star is orbited by 2 planets, the first is a Jupiter-like world with similar size and temperature.  The second planets orbits further out and is even larger with over 2 Jupiter masses.


Numerous small scientific research stations are scattered across the surface of a moon orbiting planet B.  The colonies have been attacked numerous times by interstellar raiders, heavily armed security forces have defended the colonies against the attackers.




System: HD 50499

Primary Star: HD 50499

Stellar Type: G1V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance: 154 ly

Constellation: Puppis

Mass (Sol): 1.25

Region: Sol / Hyades



HD 50499 Planets


HD 50499 B*
Planet B is sometimes called a Jupiter-twin, the planet is similar size, makeup, and temperature as Jupiter.  The planets atmosphere is made up of mostly hydrogen and helium.  Orbited by multiple moons, the largest is home to numerous scientific outposts.

Distance: 3.84 AU

Orbit: 2,456 days

Temp: 154 K

Mass: 1.72 Jupiter

Radius: 81,310 km

Gravity: 3.36 g

Rotation: 12 hours


HD 50499 C**
Planet C is a common hydrogen/helium gas giant orbiting at a Saturn-like distance.  The atmosphere is composed of hydrogen and helium with traces of water ice and methane.

Distance: 7.92 AU

Orbit: 7,277 days

Temp: 103 K

Mass: 2.33 Jupiter

Radius: 85,660 km

Gravity: 4.10 g

Rotation: 15 Hours


Closest Inhabited Systems:



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