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Genora Carthon


Genora Carthon is a 3 planet system orbiting an orange k-type star.


The system was originally settled by war criminals exiled from Herculia.  After the end of a major world war on Herculia thousands of soldiers where convicted of war crimes, they were exiled to Genora Carthon as a punishment.


The primary planet of Genora Carthon is bitter cold, covered in ice, and barely habitable by human standards.  Many thought the exiled war criminals would perish within a generation.  The criminals survived and the human population grew on the planet.




System: Genora Carthon

Primary Star: BD+41 2679

Stellar Type: K1V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 256 ly

Constellation: Hercules

Mass: 0.80

Region: Hercules

Population: 200 Million


Genora Carthon Planets


Genora Carthon B
Planet B is cratered world with a surface composed primarily of iron.  A small research base located inside a canyon is the only permanent settlement on the planets surface

Distance: 0.29 AU

Orbit: 64 days

Temp: 355 K

Mass: 0.26 Earth

Radius: 4839 km

Gravity: 0.61 g

Rotation: 64 days


Genora Carthon C
The primary planet of the Genora Carthon system is a cold world where the majority of the surface is covered in ice.  The planet has only a small area that can support permanent human settlements.  This has lead to numerous conflicts over land, which have plagued the planets history.

Distance: 0.75 AU

Orbit: 265 Days

Temp: 227 K

Mass: 1.75 Earth

Radius: 8468 km

Gravity: 0.99 g

Rotation: 56 Hours


Genora Carthon D
Planet D is a standard hydrogen helium gas giant.

Distance: 3.62 AU

Orbit: 7.7 Years

Temp: 101 K

Mass: 0.26 Jupiter

Radius: 50,685 km

Gravity: 1.30 g

Rotation: 18 Hours



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