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Freeworld is a planet system orbiting a yellow G-class star in the Hyades Region.

Originally colonized by religious settlers who were persecuted on their home worlds in the Hyades Region, Freeworld was established as place were its residents were free to practice their beliefs.


The system has never quite lived up to its name.  Located between 3 different regions (Hyades, Gemini, and Betelgeuse), Freeworld has long been a strategic location that has been fought over by various colonization groups.  The Orion Alliance controlled the planet while trying to expand into the Gemini and Hyades, before eventually being overthrown.


Freeworld's location makes it an important trade center, it is the most common system visited for those travelling between the 3 regions.

System: Freeworld

Primary Star: TYC70115461

Stellar Type: G5V ☼

Distance: 266 ly

Constellation: Orion

Region: Hyades

Population: 1 Billion


Freeworld Planets

Freeworld B
Freeworld B is a tidally locked world orbiting scorchingly close to the sun.  Believed to be the rocky core of a still forming gas giant that migrated too close to the sun.  The planets liquid insides are constantly being turned inside out, lakes of magma can be seen glowing on the surface.

Distance: 0.12 AU

Orbit: 16 days

Temp: 1122 K

Mass: 6.28 Earth

Radius: 12,580 km

Gravity: 1.61 g

Rotation: -



Freeworld C
Freeworld C is a warm Venus-like world trapped under a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The surface is extremely dry, consisting of endless silicate plains flattened by the high gravity.

Distance: 0.35 AU

Orbit: 77 days

Temp: 397 K

Mass: 3.82 Earth

Radius: 9905 km

Gravity: 1.58 g

Rotation: 92 hours



Freeworld D
The primary world is a warm tropical planet.  Covered in over 85% water, the large water coverage mixed with the slight axel tilt helps to create mild warm weather across the majority of the planet.  Seasonal changes are less are less extreme and far different than on Earth.  The planet has a thick, humid nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere.

Distance: 1.02 AU

Orbit: 378 days

Temp: 299 K

Mass: 1.05 Earth

Radius: 6472 km

Gravity: 1.01 g

Rotation: 27 hours



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