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Franklin Home


Franklin Home is multiple planet system orbiting a yellow G-class star, the system lies in the Inner Region.

The system's primary planet is a world terraformed by nearby Franklin, built specifically to relocate their population.  Franklin was never suited for a large scale society, with never ending intense winds and storms, the growing population needed a new home more suitable.  Nearby Franklin Home was chosen to be the new home for the Franklin people.


The planet, despite having a thick atmosphere, was stuck in an ice age and needed some terraforming.  Solar reflectors were used the warm the planet's poles, this increased the amount of surface liquid water, and released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere increasing the greenhouse effect, which helped warm the planet.


When the terraforming was completed, the Franklin government relocated large sections of the population to Franklin Home.  A new capital city was built and named Tranquility, this symbolized the peacefulness of the new world compared to the old.

System: Franklin Home

Primary Star: HD 62848

Stellar Type: G0V ☼

Distance: 98.5 ly

Constellation: Carina

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 300 Million


Franklin Home Planets

Franklin Home B
Franklin Home B is a rocky terrestrial world which lacks an atmosphere.  The scorched surface is composed of various metals with silicate dust.

Distance: 0.62 AU

Orbit: 176 days

Temp: 373 K

Mass: 0.62 Earth

Radius: 5009 km

Gravity: 0.67 g

Rotation: 78 hours



Franklin Home C
The primary world of the Franklin Home System was stuck in an ice age prior to terraforming.  Although the planet had liquid water and an oxygen atmosphere, terraforming was still needed for large scale colonization.  The poles were warmed with solar reflectors, this melted large amounts of polar ice, which released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere helping the warm the planet and end its ice age.

Distance: 1.25 AU

Orbit: 511 days

Temp: 285 K

Mass: 1.27 Earth

Radius: 6969 km

Gravity: 1.06 g

Rotation: 35 hours



Franklin Home D
Franklin Home D is cold world with a nitrogen and carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The planet surface is composed for equal parts water ice and rocky material.

Distance: 2.94 AU

Orbit: 5 years

Temp: 170 K

Mass: 0.20 Earth

Radius: 4591 km

Gravity: 0.39 g

Rotation: 40 hours



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