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Fira (fi-rah) is planet system orbiting a yellow g-class star in the Betelgeuse Region.

Fira's primary world is one the more successful terraforming projects ever finished.  During the height of the Orion Alliance, when the Betelgeuse Region was thick with Orion Alliance governments and societies, colonists searched for world that that could free of the repressive government structures that were based around Orion Alliance beliefs.


Fira was a world often considered too small, and not habitable enough for any large scale settlements, the planet was forgotten about in a region full of populated worlds.  This made Fira the perfect choice to undergo a secret terraforming project.  The project included warming up the poles to increase the amount of surface water and boost the pre-existing oxygen levels.


Secretly, free from the Orion Alliance regime, a society began to grow on Fira.  Though the planet's freedom was short lived, as uprisings against the Orion Alliance governments started to spread across the Betelgeuse Region, supporters of the Orion Alliance discovered Fira and started escaping there in large numbers to avoid persecution on their home worlds.

Tensions quickly rose against the original settlers and the new Orion Alliance immigrants, this would turn into violence that would last for decades.  Peace agreements between the various groups were eventually reached, leaving Fira one of the last surviving worlds where Orion Alliance beliefs are still practiced.

System: Fira

Primary Star: Fira

Stellar Type: G5V ☼

Distance: 471 ly

Constellation: Orion

Mass (Sol): 1.25

Age: 2.9 Billion 

Region: Betelgeuse

Population: 1.7 Billion


Fira Planets
Fira B

Fira B
Fira B is a geologically active planet with an extremely thin atmosphere located close to the star. The planet's surface is made up of various sulfurous and iron compounds.

Distance: 0.39 AU

Orbit: 89 days

Temp: 453 K

Mass: 0.76 Earth

Radius: 5798 km

Gravity: 0.92 g

Rotation: 129 hours


Fira C

Fira C
Fira C is small yet dense world.  The planet is the one of the most successful terraforming projects.  When the planet was first discovered it was cold world with large amounts of water locked polar ice caps.  Solar reflectors were placed in space over the ice caps causing them to heat up, this process released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere helping warm the overall planets temperature.  The majority of ice caps melted during this process, which nearly doubled the amount of surface water.  Various plant species were taken from other worlds in the Orion Region and were genetically engineered for to thrive in Fira C's lower gravity.  Because Fira C was already partially livable to humans when the terraforming began, the entire process took less than 100 years.

Distance: 1.94 AU

Orbit: 987 days

Temp: 274 K

Mass: 0.21 Earth

Radius: 3760 km

Gravity: 0.62 g

Rotation: 51 hours



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