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Dziban is binary system consisting of two yellow/white f-class stars separated by 200 AU.  The smaller F9 class star is orbited by multiple planets.

The planetary system consists of two worlds, an inner ringed water world and an outer Jupiter-like gas giant.  Neither planet is suitable for any large scale colonization, leaving the majority of system's population to live on Dziban Bb's moon or in orbit.


Dziban Bb is a world covered in a deep global ocean, with a thick atmosphere and violent storms.  There have been previous plans discussed for possible colonies that could be constructed in underwater cities beneath the treacherous waves of the ocean.

System: Dziban

Primary Star: Psi1 Draconis

Stellar Type: F9V ☼

Companion Star(s): F5IV ☼

Distance: 71.9 ly

Constellation: Draco

Region: Inner/Sol

Mass (Sol): (A-1.32) (B-1.23)

Population: 15 Million


Dziban B Planets

Dziban Bb
Dziban Bb is ringed super-Earth with a thick carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere.  The atmosphere transitions into a deep global ocean at the lower elevations.  Intense cyclonic storms are common which include high winds and relentless lightning.   Colonization attempts have sometimes been considered in underwater cities below the endless waves and storms.   Though no serious attempts have ever been made, because of the cost of building such cities and the planet's high gravity.

Distance: 1.40 AU

Orbit: 548 days

Temp: 304 K

Mass: 7.62 Earth

Radius: 14,741 km

Gravity: 1.42 g

Rotation: 21 hours



Dziban Bc
Dziban Bc is a Jupiter-like hydrogen/helium gas giant with 1.5 times Jupiter's mass.  The planet's atmosphere is separated into zonal bands that run parallel to the equator.

Distance: 4.43 AU

Orbit: 8.4 years

Temp: 143 K

Mass: 1.53 Jupiter

Radius: 75,058 km

Gravity: 3.5 g

Rotation: 12 hours



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