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D'Jais is a planetary system orbiting a yellow/orange k-class star.  The system lies in the Cepheus Constellation of the Borealis Region.

The primary world of the D'Jais System was originally settled with the goal of being an agricultural world.  Early on little was known about the planet's climate which made it seem perfect for an agricultural based society.   The planet's severe storms and extensive droughts caused the plans of growing large amounts of crops to ultimately fail.


During a period of rapid colonization across the Borealis Region, D'Jais looked to diversify its economy and shift from agricultural based to manufacturing.  An industrial revolution developed the planet into a manufacturing center.  The planet's industry was based around building equipment needed to drive the frantic colonization throughout the region.


The planet's industrial revolution didn't last forever.  Heavy pollution blanketed most of the cities, the pollution even started causing climate change on the planet's surface.  New laws and regulation were enacted putting major limits on the industrial sector.  This caused most of the industry to abandon the planet, leaving behind vacant smoke stakes that stretch across the planet's cities.

System: D'Jais

Primary Star: TYC44753251

Stellar Type: K0V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.85

Luminosity: 0.55x Sun

Distance: 215 ly

Constellation: Cepheus

Region: Borealis

Population: 120 Million


D'Jais Planets

D'Jais B
Planet B is a geologically active terristial world without an atmosphere, the planet orbits close to the parent star. The planet's surface is made up of various sulfurous compounds.

Distance: 0.39 AU

Orbit: 95 days

Temp: 368 K

Mass: 0.04 Earth

Radius: 2225 km

Gravity: 0.31 g

Rotation: 104 hours



D'Jais C
D'Jais C is a habitable terrestrial world cooler than Earth.  The planet is known for its erratic weather patterns, this includes downpours that cause flooding, intense ice storms can occur on most parts of the world, and extreme droughts are common.  Pollution from the planet's industrial revolution caused climate change which made the already erratic weather patterns even more unstable.

Distance: 0.87 AU

Orbit: 323 days

Temp: 279 K

Mass: 0.54 Earth

Radius: 5295 km

Gravity: 0.78 g

Rotation: 27 hours



D'Jais D
D'Jais D is an icy world orbiting outside the habitable zone.  The planet has a cloudless argon and nitrogen atmosphere.  The surface is composed of aluminum and iron, with traces of bromine ice.

Distance: 1.20 AU

Orbit: 519 days

Temp: 209 K

Mass: 0.39 Earth

Radius: 5011 km

Gravity: 0.63 g

Rotation: 35 hours



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