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Dantian is multiple planet system orbiting a dim orange k-class star, the system lies in the Inner/Sol Region.

Numerous colonization attempts ultimately failed on the mineral rich primary planet.  Colonists wanted to "modernize" the primitive indigenous humans of the planet to assist in the mines that were extracting the planets valuable minerals.


The ingenious people reacted violently to the newcomers, forcing them off the planet multiple times.  In order to protect the colonists, a fortified city named New Perth was built around the planet's largest mine, the city would become the planet's capital.  This signified the turning point in the struggle between the two groups.  A peace agreement was eventually reached bringing an end to the longtime violence.

System: Dantian

Primary Star: Dantian

Stellar Type: K4V ☼

Distance: 104 ly

Constellation: Sculptor

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 200 Million


Dantian Planets

Dantian B
Dantian B is a vast desert world rich in valuable metals.  There are numerous seas of liquid water on the surface, but the majority of the planet's water is located underground in hidden oceans.  The water seeps to the surface in various locations creating green wetlands and oasis's.  Outside of the green areas, the majority of the surface is covered in flat, dry plains.

Distance: 0.47 AU

Orbit: 142 days

Temp: 303 K

Mass: 1.86 Earth

Radius: 8156 km

Gravity: 1.14 g

Rotation: 59 hours



Dantian Asteroid Belt
A narrow asteroid belt sitting between planet's B and C, centered around 1.2 away from the sun.

Distance: 1.2 AU




Dantian C
Lenus C is a common hydrogen/helium gas giant with about 80% of Jupiter's mass.  The planet's various layers of atmosphere are separated into bands that stretch across the planet.

Distance: 2.23 AU

Orbit: 3.9 years

Temp: 112 K

Mass: 0.82 Jupiter

Radius: 68,480 km

Gravity: 2.24 g

Rotation: 13 hours



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Deneb Kaitos






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