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Damos is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Scorpius Constellation of the Spica Region.

Originally established as a trade outpost, Damos started to flourish as it quickly transitioned into a trade center.  Damos strategic location aided its swift growth, outside worlds funneled exuberant amounts of resources to develop and terraform the primary planet's desert surface.


The swift growth was halted nearly as quickly as it started, as a period of civil unrest broke out between the planet's indigenous ethnic groups.  Security concerns over the growing violence caused the majority of the worlds responsible for developing the planet, to cease all operations and exit the planet.


The planet's infrastructure has continued to degrade since the start of the conflicts.  The population has lived under the constant threat of violence, they've also suffered through the substandard, struggling economy.

System: Damos

Primary Star: HD 150571

Stellar Type: G6V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.9

Luminosity: 0.65x Sun

Distance: 150.17 ly

Constellation: Scorpius

Region: Spica

Population: 200 Million


Damos Planets

Damos B
The Damos System's primary planet is warm, partially terraformed, habitable world.  The planet's overall climate is uncomfortably warm for humans from outside worlds.  Various amounts of acclimatization is needed to adapt to the hot temperatures.  A planet wide terraforming project was started that was supposed to cool the climate, and bring large amounts to water to the surface from comets.  The project was abandoned during a period of civil unrest and violence.

Distance: 0.41 AU

Orbit: 159 days

Temp: 303 K

Mass: 0.51 Earth

Radius: 5138 km

Gravity: 0.79 g

Rotation: 41 hours

Moon(s): 1


Damos C
Planet C is a common hydrogen/helium gas giant.  Rumors has persisted that ancient artifacts from a previous advanced society exist deep below the thick atmosphere.  Numerous surveys of the planet have failed to detect any such objects.

Distance: 12.44 AU

Orbit: 46.3 years

Temp: 61 K

Mass: 1.23 Jupiter

Radius: 69071 km

Gravity: 3.32 g

Rotation: 15 hours

Moon(s): 26


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