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Chimera Planetary System


System: Chimera

Primary Star: Chimera

Stellar Type: G7V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 484 ly

Constellation: Orion

Region: Betelgeuse

Population: 45 Million



The Chimera system is a five planet system in the Betelgeuse region.




Chimera A

The inner world of Chimera A is a red, warm planet close to the star.  The planet is most known for the science vessel that crasher while surveying the planet.  The crew survived for nearly a year deep inside a cavern system inside the planet.  They breathed the ships leftover air and ate the food that wasn’t lost during the crash.







Chimera B

Chimera B is an earthlike world orbiting the star.  The planet is mostly flat with green tundra spread across the surface.  There is a unique system of canyons located in the northern hemisphere that were not formed by water.  The canyons were most likely formed from a recent active volcanic period.






Chimera C

Chimera C is a cold world outside the habitable zone.  The planet is small and has no atmosphere.  Much of the surface is covered with deep ice that is darker colored due to dust sitting on top of it.






Chimera D

Fairly standard hydrogen helium gas giant orbiting at Jupiter like temperatures.  The planet has a extremely fast rotation and some of the most intense winds seen on a gas giant.






Chimera E

The distant cold ice giant of Chimera E is somewhat similar to Neptune, though the planet is even colder.






Closest Inhabited Systems (50 ly):



Distance (ly)





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