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Centurion Prime


Centurion Prime is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Cetus Constellation of the Cetus Region.

Centurion Prime is the center and most important systen in the Cetus Region. The primary planet is a habitable world that was the base of much of the colonization is throughout the Cetus Region.


An important world in the Inner Sphere, Centurion Prime is a technological, financial, and industrial hub. An important manufacturing center, the planet is home to large and diverse population .


Despite being the population center of the Cetus Region, the population of Centurion Prime has fluctuated over the years. As colonization blossomed on other worlds throughout the region, Centurion Prime’s population shrunk. Though the population started to grow again as the planet transitioned into and manufacturing and industrial center.

System: Centurion Prime

Primary Star: HD 10318

Stellar Type: G2V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.04

Luminosity: 1.92x Sun

Distance: 202.6 ly

Constellation: Cetus

Region: Cetus

Population: 5 Billion


Centurion Prime Planets

Centurion Prime B
Centurion Prime B is the system's habitable, primary planet.  The planet is covered in around 50% water, with it's two major continents stretching from east to west across the surface.  Much of the interior of the continents are fairly flat, with the exception of a few volcanic mountain ranges.

Distance: 1.30 AU

Orbit: 543 days

Temp: 285 K

Mass: 0.84 Earth

Radius: 6021 km

Gravity: 0.94 g

Rotation: 27 hours

Moon(s): 3


Centurion Prime C
Centurion Prime C is a terrestrial world which is too cold for liquid water on the surface.  The planet's thick and cloudy atmosphere is composed of a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, it's surface contains large amounts of water ice.

Distance: 2.92 AU

Orbit: 4.9 years

Temp: 165 K

Mass: 1.09 Earth

Radius: 7226 km

Gravity: 0.85 g

Rotation: 41 hours

Moon(s): 3


Centurion Prime D
Centurion Prime D is a terrestrial world with a carbon dioxide atmosphere. A permanent haze of methane and ethane exist throughout the atmosphere layers. The planet occasionally gets cold enough for methane rain.

Distance: 3.39 AU

Orbit: 6.1 years

Temp: 160 K

Mass: 1.03 Earth

Radius: 6802 km

Gravity: 0.91 g

Rotation: 58 hours

Moon(s): 2


Centurion Prime E
Centurion Prime E is a large ice giant with nearly 90% of Jupiter's mass.  The planet is mostly composed of hydrogen and helium, trace amounts of methane glow blue in the sun's light.

Distance: 8.43 AU

Orbit: 24 years

Temp: 96 K

Mass: 0.89 Jupiter

Radius: km km

Gravity: 2.82 g

Rotation: 12 hours

Moon(s): 10


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