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Capella System 


System: Capella

Primary Star: Alpha Aurigae,

Stellar Type: G8III / G0III (close binary)

Companion Star(s): Alpha Aurigae C, D

Distance from Earth: 42.2 ly

Constellation: Auriga

Region: Inner

Population: 95 Million



The Capella system is made up of four planets orbiting the binary center of two close suns.  The primary world is the water covered moon of Luna Atlantis.  The system was one of the earliest settled systems.




The systems only terrestrial world is a dry, hot place.







The Neptune sized planet of Esharra sits nearly 5 au from the parent stars yet is still warmer than Venus due to the brightness of the combined suns.







The ringed gas giant of Tiamat sits in the Habitable zone of Capella.





Luna Tiamat

The solar systems largest moon.






Luna Atlantis

Luna Atlantis was a cold glacier world early in the Capella systems history.  As the two close orbiting stars grew into giant stars the moon melted forming a worldwide ocean.  Today numerous manmade floating cities dot the endless ocean of this world.







The system’s largest planet.





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