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Cantos is a 3 planet system orbiting a yellow g-type star.


The system sits at a crossroads split between multiple regions.  The system is isolated located in region of the inner sphere far from other inhabited planets.


The primary planet is a cold, ice covered world.  The planet is often considered a haven for criminals and marauders due to its isolation.




System: Cantos

Primary Star: Cantos

Stellar Type: G7V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance: 209 ly

Constellation: Lepus

Region: Fornax

Population: 200,000


Cantos Planets


Cantos B
A small atmosphere less rock orbiting around 0.5 AU from the sun.  The crust of the planet's cratered surface is composed primarily of silicate rocks, large deposits of iron also exist under the surface.

Distance: 0.57 AU

Orbit: 156 days

Temp: 340 K

Mass: 0.07 Earth

Radius: 2668 km

Gravity: 0.41 g

Rotation: 107 hours


Cantos C
Cantos C is a cold, ice covered large terrestrial world.  Though the planet's overall average temperature is well below freezing, occasional seasonal warming periods can produce small localized ponds of liquid water.  Indigenous life on the planet's surface is limited to simplified mosses, lichens, and algae.

Distance: 1.81 AU

Orbit: 892 days

Temp: 195 K

Mass: 3.10 Earth

Radius: 10,860 km

Gravity: 1.07 g

Rotation: 54 hours


Cantos D
A Jovian sized gas giant with a common hydrogen/helium atmosphere.  Bands of clouds which contain traces of water ice and ammonia crystals circle the planet, this gives the world a white and brown hue. 

Distance: 7.01 AU

Orbit: 18.6 years

Temp: 97 K

Mass: 1.82 Jupiter

Radius: 78,500 km

Gravity: 3.80 g

Rotation: 15 hours


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