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Caldarium is a planetary system orbiting a orange K-class star.  The system lies in the Sculptor Constellation of the Cetus Region.

Caldarium is an important trade system that connects the Cetus Region with the Inner/Sol and Achernar Regions.  Merchants often passed through this system trading goods with the local population.  As interstellar travel grew, so did Caldarium's population, many recognized the economic benefits of Caldarium's strategic location.


Caldarium's primary planet is home to a vast array of markets where goods from many different worlds throughout this part of the Inner Sphere can be found.  Caldarium is also known for it's thriving black markets, which exist in many the planet's larger cities.

System: Caldarium

Primary Star: SAO 167057

Stellar Type: K0V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.83

Luminosity: 0.33x Sun

Distance: 135.11 ly

Constellation: Sculptor

Region: Cetus

Population: 2 Billion


Caldarium Planets

Caldarium B
Caldarium B is a habitable, terrestrial world.  The planet is covered in 60% water, its land areas exist in two large continents, Vanira in the northern hemisphere and Elbenia in the southern.  As an important trade world, many of the larger cities are clustered around the planet's space elevators.

Distance: 0.61 AU

Orbit: 192 days

Temp: 281 K

Mass: 0.49 Earth

Radius: 4994 km

Gravity: 0.79 g

Rotation: 34 hours

Moon(s): 1


Caldarium C
Caldarium C is a cold terrestrial world with a carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The planet's surface is composed of dusty layers iron, sulfur and magnesium covering basalt rock.

Distance: 1.88 AU

Orbit: 2.8 years

Temp: 141 K

Mass: 0.2 Earth

Radius: 4007 km

Gravity: 0.52 g

Rotation: 52 hours

Moon(s): 3


Caldarium D
Caldarium D is a small gas giant composed of hydrogen and helium.  The planet contains traces of neon and sulfur dioxide throughout the numerous cloud layers.

Distance: 18.83 AU

Orbit: 89.7 years

Temp: 40 K

Mass: 0.19 Jupiter

Radius: 38,415 km

Gravity: 1.69 g

Rotation: 15 hours

Moon(s): 10


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