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Beta Reticuli


Beta Reticuli is a planetary system orbiting a orange K-class subgiant star.  The system lies in the Reticulum Constellation of the Achernar Region.

The Beta Reticuli system was settled by interstellar explorers.  Shortly after the system was colonized, the primary planet was found to rich in valuable metals.  The population grew swiftly as colonists moved to the system in masses, looking to exploit the primary planet's natural resources.


Economically the planet grew quickly, with off-world capital which was brought in by those who were looking exploit the planet's resources. Sprawling cities rose out of the planet's deserts seemingly overnight, towering skyscrapers were constructed in rows to house to exploding population.


A sharp contrast was created across the planet's surface. Densely populated, glistening cities of glass towers, stood in contrast to the endless, dry deserts that cover much of the surface.

System: Beta Reticuli

Primary Star: Beta Reticuli

Stellar Type: K0IV ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.2

Luminosity: 23.30x Sun

Distance: 99.72 ly

Constellation: Reticulum

Region: Achernar

Population: 2 Billion


Beta Reticuli Planets

Beta Reticuli B
Beta Reticuli B is a hot, rocky, terrestrial world. The planet's surface, scorched by the sun, is composed of carbon and sulfur, it's atmosphere is made up of nitrogen.

Distance: 2.14 AU

Orbit: 2.9 years

Temp: 393 K

Mass: 0.53 Earth

Radius: 5278 km

Gravity: 0.77 g

Rotation: 35 hours

Moon(s): 1


Beta Reticuli C
Beta Reticuli C is a habitable world. The planet has a large continent that dominates the surface, with numerous inland seas. Much of the land mass is covered in dry, sparsely populated deserts, which is contrasted by dense, sprawling cities where the majority of the population resides. Mountain ranges stretch across the surface that are rich with valuable metals, they're the backbone of the economy.

Distance: 4.76 AU

Orbit: 9.5 years

Temp: 284 K

Mass: 1.81 Earth

Radius: 8044 km

Gravity: 1.13 g

Rotation: 39 hours

Moon(s): 3


Beta Reticuli D
Beta Reticuli D is a cold, terrestrial world orbiting in the outside edge of the habitable zone. The planet's surface is covered in water ice, with a carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere.

Distance: 7.87 AU

Orbit: 20.2 years

Temp: 203 K

Mass: 2.54 Earth

Radius: 9668 km

Gravity: 1.1 g

Rotation: 51 hours

Moon(s): 2


Beta Reticuli E
Beta Reticuli E is a cold, ice giant that orbits at a distance of over 16 AU.  A frozen gaseous world that has a common hydrogen/helium atmosphere, with trace amounts of methane in the upper clouds.

Distance: 16.17 AU

Orbit: 59.4 years

Temp: 129 K

Mass: 31.53 Earth

Radius: 32335 km

Gravity: 1.22 g

Rotation: 17 hours

Moon(s): 14


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