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Bellefontaine is a planetary system orbiting a orange K-class star.  The system lies in the Dorado Constellation of the Achernar Region.


The Bellefontaine System was originally settled with extensive plans to turn the primary planet into a resort world for the region's elite. With a deep planet wide ocean, and long Island chains that stretch across the surface, the planet was viewed as a paradise by the early settlers. The Long Island chains gave way to thousands of kilometers of white sandy beaches, along with warm tropical water.


Despite the planet being perceived as nothing more than an aristocrats playground, a resort world for societies elite, it still built a significant population. The planet's island chains were discovered to have vast supplies of natural resources, drawing more than tourists to the world.

System: Bellefontaine

Primary Star: TYC88909751

Stellar Type: K3V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.75

Luminosity: 0.21x Sun

Distance: 156.66 ly

Constellation: Dorado

Region: Achernar

Population: 400 Million


Bellefontaine Planets

Bellefontaine B
Bellefontaine B is a large terrestrial world covered in a deep, planet wide ocean. The planet's land masses are situated in a series of millions of Island chains that stretch across the surface. The sprawling ocean creates warm temperatures over the entire planet. The warm weather along with the tropical islands, and endless white sand beaches create an environment many consider paradise.

Distance: 0.42 AU

Orbit: 116 days

Temp: 287 K

Mass: 1.44 Earth

Radius: 7871 km

Gravity: 0.95 g

Rotation: 29 hours

Moon(s): 2


Bellefontaine C
Bellefontaine C is a cold terrestrial world. The planet has a carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere. Too cold for liquid water anywhere on the surface, frozen carbon dioxide snow storms can occur.

Distance: 1.31 AU

Orbit: 630 days

Temp: 178 K

Mass: 1.31 Earth

Radius: 6981 km

Gravity: 1.09 g

Rotation: 51 hours

Moon(s): 5


Bellefontaine D
Bellefontaine D is a hydrogen/helium gas giant that has a Neptune like temperature. Trace amounts of methane throughout the cloud layers give the planet it's hue.

Distance: 9.09 AU

Orbit: 31.7 years

Temp: 54 K

Mass: 17.43 Earth

Radius: 29088 km

Gravity: 0.84 g

Rotation: 16 hours

Moon(s): 12


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