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Babbilus is a yellow g-class star in the Inner Region 108 ly from Sol, the star is orbited by three planets.

The Babbilus System's primary planet needed some terraforming to make it fully habitable.  Water was imported in from comets in the outer system, this doubled the amount of surface water on the dry planet.  Though the planet's surface is still fairly dry even after the terraforming projects, vast deserts stretch across the land areas.

System: Promise

Primary Star: HD 7590

Stellar Type: G8V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance: 108 ly

Constellation: Lupus

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 900 Million


Babbilus Planets

Babbilus B
Babbilus C is a warm world orbiting close to the sun.  The planet is geologically active with constant volcanoes erupting across the surface.  The atmosphere contains clouds of sulfur dioxide.

Distance: 0.27 AU

Orbit: 52 days

Temp: 459 K

Mass: 0.46 Earth

Radius: 5029 km

Gravity: 0.73 g

Rotation: 51 hours



Babbilus C
The Babbilus System's primary world is a slightly terraformed planet.  Vast deserts, devoid of human life, stretch across the planet's land masses.  The major bodies of water are separated into five small oceans.  The planet's population is grouped in densely populated areas clustered around the oceans.

Distance: 0.60 AU

Orbit: 169 days

Temp: 298 K

Mass: 1.50 Earth

Radius: 7510 km

Gravity: 1.08 g

Rotation: 42 hours


Babbilus D
Babbilus D is a cratered
rocky world with a thin atmosphere.  The surface of the planet is composed primarily of borax and iron, with large deposits of sulfur left over from a recent volcanically active period.

Distance: 1.06 AU

Orbit: 396 days

Temp: 234 K

Mass: 0.25 Earth

Radius: 4260 km

Gravity: 0.57 g

Rotation: 28 hours



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