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System: Azazel

Primary Star: HD 48170

Stellar Type: F6V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 321 ly

Constellation: Pictor

Region: Canopus/Adara

Population: 800 Million



The Azazel System is a six planet system in the Canopus/Adara region.  The systems primary planet is Azazel D a earthlike world orbited by an industrialized moon.  The system is one of the major manufacturing centers in the galaxy. 




Azazel B

The first planet from the sun is a dry and dusty world.  Volcanism occurred early in this planets history, the scars of this period can be seen crisscrossing across the surface.






Azazel C

Planet c is dry iron rich world similar to Mercury in the Sol system.  Small mining colonies are scattered across the planet exporting the valuable minerals to the primary planet, Azazel D.






Azazel D

Industrialization was hard on the primary planet's ecosystem.  The world had become overpopulated and over polluted, to save the dying world large groups of factories were moved to the planet's moon.





Azazel D1


D1 is the heavily industrialized moon of Azazel D.  A heavy manufacturing center in the galaxy the surface is covered with large factories.





Azazel E

A distance of 4 au form the sun makes this world very cold, far outside the habitable zone.  The surface is covered in thick ice and under a very thin atmosphere.  The sun is getting hotter and possibly turning into a giant, meaning this world’s habitable period is not far off.





Azazel F

Planet F is a hydrogen/helium gas giant called Azazel F.  The planet contains large amounts of methane in the atmosphere giving a yellow appearance.





Azazel G

Planet G is a common Ice giant, one of the most common types of planets in the galaxy.  The cold methane in the atmosphere give a blue hue similar to the planet Neptune.





Closest Inhabited Systems (50 ly):



Distance (ly)












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