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Androgeus is a planetary system orbiting a orange K-class star.  The system lies in the Taurus Constellation of the Hyades Region.

The Androgeus System first settlers came from the nearby Hyades.  The system's primary planet is a harsh, dry world, nevertheless numerous colonization efforts were made with varying levels of success.  Many of the early colonists perished while a permanent society struggled to take hold, this gave the planet reputation as a cursed world.


A small population eventually grew on the planet after multiple failed attempts.  There are a few small cities spread out across the planet's massive surface, though much of it is an endless, baren desert.

System: Androgeus

Primary Star: TYC187117111

Stellar Type: K4V ☼

Mass (Sol): 0.77

Luminosity: 0.16x Sun

Distance: 133.35 ly

Constellation: Taurus

Region: Hyades

Population: 15 Million


Androgeus Planets

Androgeus B
Androgeus B is a large terrestrial world.  The planet is very dry for habitability standards, with only a few areas of liquid water.  The planet has a limited amount of free oxygen in the atmosphere, which can be compared to high altitude on Earth.

Distance: 0.51 AU

Orbit: 153 days

Temp: 297 K

Mass: 1.4 Earth

Radius: 7411 km

Gravity: 1.04 g

Rotation: 34 hours

Moon(s): 2


Androgeus C
Androgeus C is a barren, rocky, terrestrial world.  The planet has a thin atmosphere composed of nitrogen and argon.  It's most notable feature are the long scars stretching across the surface, which were created by massive flowing rivers of magma at some planet's history.

Distance: 0.98 AU

Orbit: 406 days

Temp: 174 K

Mass: 1.56 Earth

Radius: 7467 km

Gravity: 1.13 g

Rotation: 52 hours

Moon(s): 0


Androgeus D
Androgeus D is a frigid terrestrial world with a krypton and nitrogen atmosphere.  Though the planet's surface is cold and lifeless, there are a few scientific outposts located at various spots on the planet.

Distance: 1.55 AU

Orbit: 803 days

Temp: 140 K

Mass: 1.65 Earth

Radius: 7722 km

Gravity: 1.12 g

Rotation: 19 hours

Moon(s): 4


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